We are a consultancy for new thinking.

We create resonance and develop new forms of work, organization and leadership.


How can our current organisations be made capable of surviving in complex and highly dynamic systems?

How do we reconcile our economic action with people's social needs?

How do we create an environment in which people and organisations can change continuously and constructively?

What mental models do we need for the digital age?


In times of radical change, we must consistently question and enhance our traditional ways of thinking and acting.

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We create resonance. Resonance is the basis for change. Resonance means a new quality of relationships.

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We inspire, advise and empower people who actively shape change.

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Our work

Resonance consulting

Strategy and organisational development

Transformation consulting

Leadership training, team development, coaching & mentoring

Workshops, Trainings, Lectures

Employee leasing


Articles & activities

Our ideas, perspectives, thought experiments and publications can be found here

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Social responsibility

We feel that we are part of a larger whole, take responsibility for it and actively shape the future of our society.

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